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Our Motivation



-We believe our efforts are guided by our strong faith in God who provides us with the capacity to deal with the challenges and struggles we, as women, face daily.

-We believe that, with faith and determination, anything is possible.

-We believe that caring for individuals is caring for the whole community and for the nation.

Everyone deserves a happy and self-sufficient life. Fostering self-esteem makes a difference in approach, beliefs and in the ability to achieve the greatness each was born with. We help women see the possibilities that are ahead and how to maximize them.

-We strongly believe that women can change their lives immensely when there is plenty of love and support. When we know that we are not alone in our daily struggles, we can truly believe in our capabilities.

-In our outreach, with guidance and support, we believe that even those of us who have had bad experiences can be healed from the emotional hurt, to move beyond the past, to live a fully fruitful and happy life.

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